Half a century after the CIA's Secret War in Laos—the largest bombing campaign in history—explosive remnants of war continue to be part of people's everyday lives. In Bomb Children, Leah Zani offers a perceptive analysis of the long-term, often subtle, and unintended effects of massive air warfare. Zani traces the sociocultural impact of cluster submunitions—known in Laos as “bomb children”—through stories of explosives clearance technicians and others living and working in these old air strike zones. Zani presents her ethnography alongside poetry written in the field, crafting a startlingly beautiful analysis of state terror, authoritarian revival, rapid development, and ecological contamination. In so doing, she proposes that postwar zones are their own cultural and area studies, offering new ways to understand the parallel relationship between ongoing war violence and postwar revival.

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Bomb Children is nothing short of breathtaking. [...] In Zani's hands, fieldwork becomes a flexible toolkit, selectively and strategically deployed to grasp the object of military wasting in a revealing and ethically responsible way." — Joshua O. Reno, author of Waste Away: Working and Living with a North American Landfill

Bomb Children is a riveting and reflexive account of war remains, military waste, and ‘development’ in contemporary Laos [...] that looks to the war damages that are not over and that remain viscerally present in the everyday of people's lives.” — Ann Laura Stoler, author of Duress: Imperial Durabilities in Our Times

"A thoroughly original work, Bomb Children is likely to become a useful reference for students and scholars alike, and indeed anyone interested in the social consequences of airstrikes. It is also an arresting personal account of the hazards of fieldwork in a highly monitored and dangerous country." — Erin Lin, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Ohio State University


2019    Bomb Children: Life in the Former Battlefields of Laos. Durham: Duke University Press. 

Manuscript in Preparation    Strike Patterns: Lives After a Secret War. Stanford: Redwood Press.


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,Image: A cache of live bombs 

mostly cluster submunitions, abandoned 

at a provincial office in Phonesvanah, Laos